And the Friends 

Addition videos included are:

Glinda Gone Wild
The Haunted Mirror
​The Break-In
​The Phone Call

​along with bloopers for Frenemies and Glinda Gone Wild

​All videos can currently be seen on Youtube, so feel free to watch them before you buy the DVD.

Kimberly Peters as Glinda



When your best friend and your worst enemy are the same person!


Amanda Elliott as Nicole and Sommer Branham as Lyndsey

Sommer Branham as Nicole and Amanda Elliott as Lyndsey


Patrick Beckstead as the Intruder and Pat Newbert as the Woman

James Ward as phone guy

Samantha Peters as the Girl

Frenemies and Friends DVD is now available!

Lyndsey and Nicole were the best of friends, but they were always competing over everything, including Lyndsey's crush on Ryan. Now with the aid of a magic shell, Lyndsey turns herself into a copy of Nicole to make certain that Ryan will never want to see the real Nicole again, however everything goes wrong when the real Nicole shows up and Lyndsey has to improvise.

Included with the DVD are 2 commentaries, one with the director James Ward, with stars Amanda Elliott and Sommer Branham, the other commentary is told from the point of view of the characters Nicole and Lyndsey.  Find out their thoughts about what happened.